i’m on the internets!

February 28, 2008

so i’ve decided to make the jump to my own URL and download the oh-so-not-easy-as-i-thought-it-would-be server-living wordpress.

soon jambina.com will be my new net-base, but for now just go to http://jambina.com/blog/ for further blogploratory delights.

oh, and i’m well aware my CSS ain’t that hot. i shoulda paid more attention in web design class.


i want second life on my iphone

February 21, 2008

okay, first, i want an iphone. us Canucks can use them but only with some hacking, and as techie as i like to think i am, really i just like to play with the toys, not program them.

according to the International Business Times (thanks for the tweet about this Fleep!) Vollee plans to develop an interface which allows users to access SL from their mobile phone.

i love this idea in principle – especially given the number of educational resources in SL. if i’m late for my SL class/meeting i can access it while i’m sitting on the bus in traffic. awesome.

but part of the fun of SL is that it is an environment which is visually stimulating – how are they going to maintain that on a teeny mobile screen?

and how big is your av going to be?

and the chat – my gawd – the chat!

and while i’m sitting on the bus in RL attending my meeting in SL, will i be sitting next to someone in RL who is doing naughty sexy-time things in SL?

and if i lose my phone, does this mean that i’m vulnerable to having my SL account hijacked? (not Jambina – no!!!)

all this being said, if i had a phone with a big enough screen (maybe the MLIS graduation fairy will bring me one) i’d probably try it out. but that’s because i’m an SL junkie.


twitter friends are really fun

February 20, 2008

yesterday i tweeted that i was not going to join any more associations unless they furthered my career, were fun, or were for a cause that i believed in.

in response wayne (one of my twitter friends – http://twitter.com//wmacphail) promptly invited me to join the Librarian Glee Club for the Homeless.

he even designed a tshirt for me.


(found here.)

thanks Wayne!


book pr0n

February 20, 2008


for those of us with too many books and too little space – this is pretty hawt.

quick – make friends with a carpenter!

(swiped from boingboing.net)


new blog on open access geniosity

February 16, 2008

check out Open Students. i seriously love this mandate:

We’re students – the next generation of scholars.
We believe that science should be open, for everyone to learn.
We’re changing the way that research is disseminated.

and they invited me to guest blog! (i better figure out something to say… any ideas out there?)


another recalled book

February 16, 2008

fifth recalled book in three weeks.

i am never gonna finish my research project if peeps keep recalling my books! (think i’ll get any sympathy from my supervisor…?)


omg i met Jessamyn

February 16, 2008

Jessamyn West was at McGill for two, count’em!, TWO days speaking to students and professionals at a workshop i had a hand in coordinating.

not only is she a rockin’ fun person who inspires spontaneous limbo competitions (think i’m kidding?) but her talk, especially to us library students, made us feel all warm n’fuzzy about our decision to become librarians/knowledge managers/archivists.

so if any of you out there in the blogosphere have a chance to see Jessamyn speak, hop on your pogo-stick and go go go!