my XO is here!

January 21, 2008

and i love her!

her name is Bette (all my compys have names. yup, that’s how i roll.) and she is so wonderfully functional.
(and no, my cat is not huge, that’s really how small Bette is.)
Bette bette2.jpg

i’ve been using the XO to email, use the Google suite of fun stuff, update this blog, and for the most part, it’s perfect. it’s slower than all of my other compys, but that’s okay. my others don’t fit in my purse. (yes, i know about the eeePC, and i want one, but buying one of those didn’t get some education project in a developing country a new laptop, so i got an XO.)

oh, and the more i use Google Docs, the more i love it. i know “big brother” could be watching, but that’s okay. i’ll keep my anarchist manifesto off-the-grid until i virally infect every computer on earth with its dictum. (JOKE! homey can’t code. though i did just download Hackety Hack to see what all the kerfuffle is about.)


One comment

  1. I’ve been working through hackety hack too. I’ve been working through another ruby resource too, and they’re not the same! it drives me nuts.

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