John Berry, you rock my world

January 24, 2008

i love waking up in the morning to great items in my RSS aggregator. like this one, about LIS students:

We’ve begun to make it easier for change to come and for them to have a stronger voice in our march to freedom of information and enlightenment for all. We’d like to pick and choose among these new librarians, through our programs for “emerging” leaders and other institutionalized indoctrination. But they have already begun to organize themselves, singling out their own leaders and demanding of us only that same access to the profession that enabled us to make some of our future dreams into today’s realities.

I remember that future, and I remember how tough it was to convince those in charge that we would define it and lead it ourselves, not simply pay our dues and wait to be selected. If our profession is true to its history, we’ll leave its door ajar so those new librarians can, once again, march through and change librarianship.

Blatant Berry, Jan 15 2008

it made my day/week/hell, year!


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