welcome to the professional life!

February 12, 2008

i love twitter. i love it because i get updates on all the fun things fellow LISers and tech-types are up to. over the past few weeks, a number of these folk have been “tweeting” about professional development and online life.

Karin over at nirak.net (subscribe to the RSS feed NOW!) had a killer post about professional social networking (how killer – Meredith Farkas AND Walt Crawford both posted comments!) followed up by an ever so easy-to-read dos and donts list. given the trend towards “Facebook-stalking” (as my friend Jan calls it – and i’m sure she’s not the only one) and “google-ing” that occurs – even by employers, i am constantly amazed at how we, as techno-savvy LIS students, don’t take better care of our online life.

Lauren‘s recent post – titled “investing in your professional life” – discusses tips and tricks for the new professional: go to conferences, carve out a niche, and keep learning! her subsequent post is all about how it’s silly to only be a librarian from 9-5pm, because joining associations, attending conferences, blogging, all helps both your personal and professional lives.

“And in the end, everything enriches everything else.”

i find it hard to believe that librarians are ever truly “off the clock”. information is everywhere. we work with information. therefore we are always, to a certain extent “working” (but that doesn’t mean we are miserable – i’ve never heard about a librarian who wasn’t abnormally curious – you?)



  1. […] informing MUVEs wrote an interesting post today on welcome to the professional life!Here’s a quick excerpt … given the trend towards “Facebook-stalking” (as my friend Jan calls it – and i’m… […]

  2. Awww, thanks. 🙂

    I had not seen Lauren’s post before- it’s buried in my RSS reader somewhere. I need to catch up – oh, the irony of posting about social networking and then not being able to keep up.

  3. Thanks for mentioning my posts! I’m with ya on the never being truly “off the clock.” But as you point out, luckily our work in interesting!

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