omg i met Jessamyn

February 16, 2008

Jessamyn West was at McGill for two, count’em!, TWO days speaking to students and professionals at a workshop i had a hand in coordinating.

not only is she a rockin’ fun person who inspires spontaneous limbo competitions (think i’m kidding?) but her talk, especially to us library students, made us feel all warm n’fuzzy about our decision to become librarians/knowledge managers/archivists.

so if any of you out there in the blogosphere have a chance to see Jessamyn speak, hop on your pogo-stick and go go go!



  1. […] Amy Buckland: omg i met Jessamyn […]

  2. hey, if you’ve got some pictures for the SLA site, let me know 🙂 Though I suppose we could wait until after the 5 a 8, because then if we have more, I’ll only have to go bother Fiona once. lol.

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