i want second life on my iphone

February 21, 2008

okay, first, i want an iphone. us Canucks can use them but only with some hacking, and as techie as i like to think i am, really i just like to play with the toys, not program them.

according to the International Business Times (thanks for the tweet about this Fleep!) Vollee plans to develop an interface which allows users to access SL from their mobile phone.

i love this idea in principle – especially given the number of educational resources in SL. if i’m late for my SL class/meeting i can access it while i’m sitting on the bus in traffic. awesome.

but part of the fun of SL is that it is an environment which is visually stimulating – how are they going to maintain that on a teeny mobile screen?

and how big is your av going to be?

and the chat – my gawd – the chat!

and while i’m sitting on the bus in RL attending my meeting in SL, will i be sitting next to someone in RL who is doing naughty sexy-time things in SL?

and if i lose my phone, does this mean that i’m vulnerable to having my SL account hijacked? (not Jambina – no!!!)

all this being said, if i had a phone with a big enough screen (maybe the MLIS graduation fairy will bring me one) i’d probably try it out. but that’s because i’m an SL junkie.


One comment

  1. I envy you people, this thing in not for sale (yet) in my part of world 😦

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