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twitter friends are really fun

February 20, 2008

yesterday i tweeted that i was not going to join any more associations unless they furthered my career, were fun, or were for a cause that i believed in.

in response wayne (one of my twitter friends – promptly invited me to join the Librarian Glee Club for the Homeless.

he even designed a tshirt for me.


(found here.)

thanks Wayne!


another recalled book

February 16, 2008

fifth recalled book in three weeks.

i am never gonna finish my research project if peeps keep recalling my books! (think i’ll get any sympathy from my supervisor…?)


omg i met Jessamyn

February 16, 2008

Jessamyn West was at McGill for two, count’em!, TWO days speaking to students and professionals at a workshop i had a hand in coordinating.

not only is she a rockin’ fun person who inspires spontaneous limbo competitions (think i’m kidding?) but her talk, especially to us library students, made us feel all warm n’fuzzy about our decision to become librarians/knowledge managers/archivists.

so if any of you out there in the blogosphere have a chance to see Jessamyn speak, hop on your pogo-stick and go go go!


welcome to the professional life!

February 12, 2008

i love twitter. i love it because i get updates on all the fun things fellow LISers and tech-types are up to. over the past few weeks, a number of these folk have been “tweeting” about professional development and online life.

Karin over at (subscribe to the RSS feed NOW!) had a killer post about professional social networking (how killer – Meredith Farkas AND Walt Crawford both posted comments!) followed up by an ever so easy-to-read dos and donts list. given the trend towards “Facebook-stalking” (as my friend Jan calls it – and i’m sure she’s not the only one) and “google-ing” that occurs – even by employers, i am constantly amazed at how we, as techno-savvy LIS students, don’t take better care of our online life.

Lauren‘s recent post – titled “investing in your professional life” – discusses tips and tricks for the new professional: go to conferences, carve out a niche, and keep learning! her subsequent post is all about how it’s silly to only be a librarian from 9-5pm, because joining associations, attending conferences, blogging, all helps both your personal and professional lives.

“And in the end, everything enriches everything else.”

i find it hard to believe that librarians are ever truly “off the clock”. information is everywhere. we work with information. therefore we are always, to a certain extent “working” (but that doesn’t mean we are miserable – i’ve never heard about a librarian who wasn’t abnormally curious – you?)


best line of my LIS education

January 24, 2008

in my information retrieval class discussing different forms of truncation

“i had some embedded truncation during a movie last night.
i took a nap.”

funny and a good prof!


of all the things i need to do, updating this blog is the most fun…

January 13, 2008

… but maybe not the best use of my time.

to do today:

  • finish berloody CAIS proposal so that i can tell folks about chat reference in SL (don’t get me wrong, i really wanna go and think my research is interesting – but CFPs kill me)
  • wade through the pile of amazing submissions to Library Student Journal and tell some very patient authors that they are about to be published
  • begin reading Strategic and Competitive Analysis: Methods and techniques for analyzing business competition by Fleisher & Bensoussan. (I’m told it’s an oldie but a goodie.)
  • finish Everything is Miscellaneous because it was recalled by the library and due last Friday – which means I already owe 4$.
  • wrap my head around Blair’s “futility point” [David C. Blair, “Searching Biases in Large Interactive Document Retrieval Systems,” Journal of the American Society for Information Science 31 (July 1980)] and what this means in terms of current information retrieval
  • listen to some Feist and P Funk (ya, that’s how I roll)


here i go.



recent LIS grads – smarten up!

January 13, 2008

had some interesting chats with library muckety-mucks over the holidays, trying to figure out what people are looking for from recent LIS graduates.

from what i can tell it all boils down to one thing: professionalism.

  • don’t send in a 1 page c.v.
  • in your letter of application, make links between what the job is looking for and how you can meet those needs.
  • don’t dress like a schlub at the interview.
  • if you’re not interested in teaching, you better be interested in cataloguing.
  • have something to say about current practice at the organization – or the very least about their website! (and not “it’s great – i wouldn’t change a thing!”)

this all sounds very basic but of the three muckety-mucks i spoke to, all mentioned that recent grads don’t seem to get that they are now starting their career, not another part-time “who cares?” gig, and should present themselves as such.